Mastering Remote Work: Free eLearning Course Series!

January 7, 2021

Do you need help with learning how to better manage remote projects? Want to improve your skills in running virtual meetings and maintaining better levels of communication and trust during the pandemic and beyond? Interested in setting up your work space to be more comfortable and ergonomically sound? PathWise Solutions has pooled our many years of remote work experience to create a series of helpful, interactive, fun, and (mostly) free courses to help you become a master of remote work!


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Struggling with Remote Work? Boss is Here to Help!

Remote work can feel intimidating, especially as many of us have scrambled to adjust over the past year. Even though things may feel more routine now, there are still a lot of challenges when working from home. Our series of eLearning courses follows the stories of different people trying to work from home and master different skills, illustration of a French Bulldog wearing a tiewhile overcoming various obstacles. Luckily, they have a great guide and roving mentor in the form of Boss, a remote work expert!

The courses PathWise has put together cover:

  • A basic overview of getting set up, adopting the best tools, and managing the work/life balance challenges that working from home brings
  • How to create relationships with employees and coworkers while working in a virtual office
  • Best practices for running projects while working with staff that are working remotely
  • How to run better virtual meetings (and yes, overcoming Zoom fatigue)
  • Following proper ergonomic practices to set up a safe, comfortable office and reduce injuries (without a big budget)

Read on to learn more about each of the courses. 

A Beginners Guide to Remote Work (FREE)

Not sure where to start? Then begin at the beginning! This course is a great overview of how to get set up in a remote wor1-1Brianne-couch01-upset@2xk environment, even if you’re already working from home and have been for a while. It can help you return to the basics and readjust your environment. 

Topics covered include: 

  • Designing the right physical work-from-home space 
  • Employing the most useful remote work tools
  • Understanding how to manage work-life balance
  • Using best practices for keeping work confidential

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Creating Trust in a Virtual Workplace (FREE)

1.2-at-desk@2xWhile focused on specific skills for managers, this course has great tips for any level on how to improve your communication, create trust between staff and coworkers, and fight the feelings of isolation that inevitably come with working remotely. 

Fun, interactive activities and short (grade and pressure-free) quizzes are included to help you engage with the information, practice what you’ve learned, and feel confident in applying tips and tricks to your work. 

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Effective Remote Project Management (FREE)

Running successful projects can be tricky, and working remotely adds a layer of complexity on top of all the tasks and milestones that need to be focused on. 


This eLearning course on effective project management focuses on 

  • The tools that can help you run more efficient projects
  • Best practices for managing remote projects
  • How to manage the productivity and deliverables with a remote team
  • Tips for clear and effective communication

You get a chance to practice your skills and knowledge through scenarios based on real-life situations and become a better project manager or team member. 

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Facilitating Virtual Meetings (FREE)

1.2-smile-boss@2xYou’re probably already sick of hearing about how sick people are of having online meetings… but remote work can require even more communication than in-person work, so meetings are here to stay. 

This course is designed to give you practical tips for running successful virtual meetings – before, during, and after – and how to set up and handle the technology you need to properly engage with attendees.

It tackles ideas for running a virtual meeting and methods for reaching consensus.

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Home Office Ergonomics: Your Guide to a Healthy Remote Work Space (CA$19.95)

Working from home can be hard on our bodies, even if our job involves sitting in front of a computer. Many of us are working from make-shift “office” spaces and this can cause fatigue and discomfort. We also don’t all have the budget for fancy office equipment, but1.2-Right-hight-working01@2x there are things we can do to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries and discomfort caused by poor ergonomics. 

This eLearning course includes tips and information from a certified ergonomist and focuses on 

  • Ergonomics principles and how to apply them
  • Affordable, easy ways to set up your home office space no matter your equipment
  • Tools to use to schedule in breaks and activity
  • And more!
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PathWise Solutions (and Boss) is Here to Help!

If you’d like to learn more about how to have these courses customized for your organization, or if you’d like to see other topics, then get in touch with us!

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