How We Help Clients Visualize Projects

April 6, 2020
When you’re working with a vendor to get your web or elearning project built, it can be hard to picture just what the end product may look like, even if you’ve worked very closely with that vendor from the very start. While storyboards, scripts, and documentation all help, we find that working in real time with clients and providing visual examples is a big part of ensuring a successful... Continued

What is Microlearning and Why is it Becoming More Popular?

March 31, 2020
While there’s no strict definition of what microlearning is – it could be short learning activities or individual modules – as the name implies, the focus of microlearning is on providing learners with brief, bite-sized chunks. Whatever the media (text, video, animation, audio, etc.), microlearning delivers material to learners in an easy-to-consume, less time-intensive way. So is this... Continued

5 Business Benefits of Remote Work: An Infographic

March 30, 2020

Top 5 Essential Tools for Remote Work

March 26, 2020
Everyone is scrambling to get set up to work from home. There are some essential tools that can help you make this process easier. We’ve broken down the top 5 tools and apps we think you might need, including what we use at our 100% remote company, as well as alternatives and some bonus tools. The Top Five Tool Types Continued

Why We Use Storytelling in Our eLearning Courses

March 24, 2020
Stories are how we attempt to create structure out of the many events of our lives. The most powerful stories teach us lessons about living, making choices, building better relationships, and finding deeper purpose in life. We love stories, and we need stories to learn. Children love to hear stories, but adults have story ‘rituals’ too. Like reading articles on CNN while we drink our... Continued

5 Reasons to Use Video for Your Training: An Infographic

March 19, 2020

Quick Tips for Mastering Remote Work

March 18, 2020
As many of us start to adjust to having to work from home, it can be hard to know where to start to ensure the most efficient, least stressful set up that helps you stay on track with your deliverables. We’re a 100% remote company, so we’ve got tried and tested methods and tools for getting the most out of your work day, while still remaining flexible to any changes or challenges that... Continued

Developing a Culture of Learning in Your Organization

March 10, 2020
“An organization's ability to learn, and to quickly transform that learning into action, is the ultimate competitive advantage in the marketplace.” - Jack Welch, General Electric   Staff turnover, changes in technology, new policies… there are many things that can lead to knowledge gaps in an organization. How your organization adapts to fill those gaps, or doesn’t, can have enormous... Continued

The Business Benefits of Training

February 28, 2020
“Organizations with strong learning cultures exhibit better overall organizational performance in the areas of employee engagement, customer satisfaction, overall productivity, and overall leadership performance compared to organizations with weak learning cultures.” – The Conference Board of Canada   Many organizations view training as costly and time consuming, but there is solid... Continued

Why Being Technology Agnostic Works

February 18, 2020
Being technology agnostic means that instead of adopting the “latest” tech, you choose the best technology for your unique context, goals, and people.    Continued